About McCade

A photo of McCade Gowdy

Growing up on a farm, McCade learned about the importance of working hard, experimenting, and problem solving. This has lead him to enjoy the creation of all types of things, ranging from metal working to gardening to videography.

The values he gained growing up have taught him to be curious and ever-questioning. This has allowed him to developed many interests and passions over the years.

Now at Drake University in Des Moines, McCade is studying multimedia journalism with a minor in economics, as well as continually developing his passions.

In high school, McCade started his own business providing photography, video, and designs for different organizations and small businesses.

That experience has allowed him to further his technical skills, but also develop skills that are necessary for working on larger projects. This includes the need to develop a final product that caters to the client’s needs. It has also helped him with communication and the need to make a profit.

McCade’s technical knowledge extends well into the Adobe Creative Suite. This includes Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. He also has experience with Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

On Drake’s campus, McCade works as a student ambassador for the office of admissions. He communicates with prospective students and their families, gives campus tours, and assists with programming planning for the office. He also works on the executive board of the Drake Broadcasting System, a student-run radio and video production. McCade previously worked as a photographer for the campus newspaper, The Times Delphic.

Back home, McCade has been largely involved with the establishment and development of his family’s Christmas tree farm. Not only has he planted and maintained thousands of trees, he has also developed the business and the necessary components it needs to operate.

McCade also has a passion for the environment, and has planted thousands of hardwood trees with his dad. Their hope is to establish forestry areas that provide shelter for wildlife while also sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In high school, he also ran an environmental service learning group that planted and maintained trees around his hometown. The group also educated elementary students and started a recycling program within the school.

McCade has also had other work experience, working as a groundkeeper for a sports complex, a salesperson for a small jam business during craft fairs and the Iowa State Fair, and working with area farmers.