2021 Drake Relays Theme Unveiled

The futuristic theme is SAB’s answer to the struggles of the past year. Students find it appropriate for the time.

The 2021 Drake Relays theme of “Fast Forward” was unveiled in Parent’s Hall Wednesday night by the Drake Student Activities Board.

The theme centers around the idea of moving into the future after a difficult year afflicted by the pandemic.

In the theme unveiling, Sarah Herring, Drake Relays co-chair, said, “We were kind of thinking about what the future of Drake Relays will look like. A lot of students have missed out on the past year with what relays is like at Drake. We’re fast-forwarding past the pandemic and into the future at Drake.”

Lauren Krake, a Drake sophomore, said the theme was fitting.

She said, “The theme makes sense for this year. People are looking forward to what’s going to happen in the future, since the present is kind of tough right now.”

Paula Ornelas, a sophomore at Drake, said the theme is “awesome.”

“I think they’re really considerate with COVID, and I like how they took that in mind,” Ornelas said.

Sophomore Isaac Neitzel said he is looking forward to relays, considering it was canceled last spring, when he was a first year.

“I’m excited to see what painted street will look like. I’ve only seen it old and decrepit,” Neitzel said.

Krake also said she is looking forward to the traditions and events of the week.

“It will be my first Drake Relays, even though I’m a sophomore. I’ll be excited to see what it has to offer. I feel like I missed out on that last year,” she said.

Even with the ability to hold events this year, the traditions of Drake Relays will look vastly different from past years.

Street painting will happen over the course of several days, and the paint fight will not take place. Additionally, there will be no concert and some events will be held virtually. Many events will also be held outdoors to social distance and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Krake said she is disappointed she will not be able to see the usual live music performance.

“I was definitely looking forward to their annual concert. That definitely won’t be able to happen in the same capacity, which is too bad,” Krake said.

Ornelas said that even with the challenge of navigating the pandemic, “SAB will work real hard to make sure it’s fun.”

Events related to Drake Relays will begin with street painting on April 12, with the track events closing the two-week celebration on April 22-24.

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